I don't know how to lay the carpet? Look at what other people's homes do

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I don't know when to start

Spread it under the feet

Also become as colorful as our clothes

In the home style, there is a place

The basic principle of choosing carpet is to require harmonious visual effect

It doesn't make people feel harsh or uncomfortable

1、 Carpet matching in living room

Carpet suitable for living room

Living room: the carpet pattern with larger pattern and smooth lines can create a visual effect. In order to facilitate replacement, block carpet can also be selected. The choice of living room carpet may also determine the style trend of the whole room, so in general, you will choose larger size and better three-dimensional texture to highlight the theme; in addition, bright colors, carpet and furniture collocation are also very important.

2、 Carpet matching in restaurant

Carpet for restaurant -- dark color, easy to clean

Restaurant: when choosing carpet, you should consider the stains to deal with, such as drinks, food and so on. Numerous and colorful patterns can cover up stains, which is the first choice for restaurants.

3、 Bedroom carpet matching

Carpet for bedroom: warm, safe and easy to clean

Bedroom: it's better to choose a smaller pattern with a proper carpet pattern. The vision is quiet and warm. At the same time, the color should be coordinated with the furniture as a whole. The bedroom is a private place to relax.

4、 Bathroom carpet matching

Carpet for toilet: antiskid, absorbent and easy to clean

Toilet: should choose to have antiskid, water absorption, do not stink, durable and other characteristics of the carpet, such as rubber mat or plastic carpet is very good, perhaps these are not so good in appearance, so, at present, many people will choose pure cotton carpet, durable and good-looking.

5、 Porch carpet matching

Carpet for porch: antiskid, water absorbing and easy to clean

In the selection of porch carpet, sometimes you can refer to the adjacent indoor carpet, choose a similar style, in order to maintain the same style, porch carpet design and color are close to the stair carpet, make the space harmonious.

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